Advocacy Services

Strategic Education Advocates empowers and educates parents of children with IEP's and 504's to ensure their child's education is meaningful.

Organize That Binder!

Strategic Education Advocates provides an IEP binder organizing services. This also includes an IEP review and recommendations. Let us help you get organized!

Toolkits & Downloadables

Explore a variety downloadables and toolkits to help bring meaning to your student's IEP or 504 plan.

IEP Review & Recommendations

Our trained advocates review your child's full IEP, including assessments, goals and progress. A report is provided with recommendations to take to your next IEP team meeting.


Join us for one of our many workshops or bring a workshop to your community. You can become your child's best advocate!


Professional Development

How do teachers and school districts ensure that all students receive a meaningful education? How can your district increase meaningful parent participation?  Find out!

Why Hire An Advocate?

Educational advocates assist families to navigate and understand the educational system, access their child's rights to a Free and Appropriate Public Education, negotiate with districts and ensure participation in the IEP process.

Why Strategic Education Advocacy?

Not all advocates are created equal. There is no mandated certification to be an advocate or any agency that oversees advocates. However, that doesn't mean the advocate you hire shouldn't have training and experience.
SEA has extensive training and experience. We encourage families to shop around, and always interview advocates and ask about their training. Our goal at SEA is to provide advocacy services AND empower families to self-advocate and have a greater understanding of their child's educational rights.
SEA believes that when districts educate staff and provide parent education compliance with state and federal departments of education increases.  Training supports stronger educational teams and partnerships that lead to student success. We are here to provide all of these services and more.
Our goal is for all children to learn and reach their full potential while accessing an education that is meaningful and leads to further education, employment and independent living.


Strategic Education Advocacy provides a variety of services, including but not limited to, advocacy. We do not offer legal services. SEA advocates are not lawyers and we do not offer or provide legal advice. All information contained on our website or obtained from us in consultation, services or trainings are opinions, based on our training and years of experience.  If you are in need of legal advice, we encourage you to consult with an attorney.