Do you have a pile of documents from IEP meetings? Are you not sure if you even have all your child’s assessments or goals?

We understand. We have all been there with that mountain of IEP paperwork we don’t know what to do with. Let us help you by diving into it, pulling together all the missing pieces, answering questions you may have and then providing you a finished report with recommendations for your next IEP team meeting.

Once you sign up for this service, we provide you with a records request form to submit to your school and school district office. When it’s ready, you pick up your child’s records and send them to us for a review.

Our advocates will review IEP’s and assessments, goals and progress reports as well classroom data with a trained lens of ensuring your child receives a MEANINGFUL education. After we review the records, we will compile a comprehensive report for you, alerting you to any items that need correction, including a Services chart and a Goal chart compiled from the current and previous 3 years of goals and progress. Our advocates will also provide a list of recommendations to take to your next team meeting.

We Offer Three Review & Recommendation Levels:

3 years of IEP records: $199* + $45 with Custom Binder Organization

4-6 Years of IEP records: $249* + $45 with Custom Binder Organization

7 years+ of IEP records $299* + $45 with Custom Binder Organization

This report is sent to you in an email as well as a hard copy that will be mailed to you. We can return the records to you (for additional shipping cost), or we can shred the documents once the report is complete.

Strategic Education Advocacy offers a Custom IEP Binder organization service that can be added to the IEP Review and Recommendations service at the discounted rate of $45.