Strategic Education Advocacy offers a custom IEP binder organization service.

We provide all the materials and organize the files into a binder that makes sense for parents. The format we have designed makes advocating for your child easier, and provides the most important information that you need at your fingertips.
Once you sign up for this service, we provide you a records request form to submit to your school and school district office. When it’s ready, you pick up your child’s records and send them to us, and we do the rest!

We Offer Three Organization Levels:

Up to 3 years of IEP records: $75*

4-6 Years of IEP records: $100*

7 years or more of IEP records $125*

*plus shipping/handling if you are not local to the Sonoma Valley, CA.

All binders are organized with our custom format and include tools for you to use at your next IEP meeting, personalized IEP At A Glance page and an IEP acronym cheat sheet insert to help you understand the A-Z’s of IEP language.

If you would like a comprehensive IEP Review and Recommendation service added to your Binder Organization, it can be added for an additional cost as listed on our IEP Review & Recommendations page.